Crawling Out of the Dumpster Fire 2017

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair…” – Charles Dickens

My twitter timeline says 2017 a dumpster fire that needs to end.

My home life shows a year of thriving and growth.

Creatively, I held back this year as far as reaching my potential.

It’s going to be OK.

I’ll admit while there were a lot of internal Ben Affleck abysmal stares in 2017, there were so many more Gal Gadot happy dances behind the scenes. Meaning, I was able to crawl out of the dumpster, watch the blaze, and put out the flames. Here are my happy dances for 2017:

  • Travel – I had a travel bucket list this year, and crossing each item off didn’t feel as satisfying as the journey itself. Arizona’s Horseshoe Bend, California’s Big Sur, and the Northern Lights in Alaska are now stories about pacing and patience. Also, two of these trips I traveled with my pups, and that was more than I could ask for.
  • Community – This was the first year I did a whole con circuit for Hero Within with full inventory of blazers and Bat-a-rangs. From Wondercon (spring) to L.A. Comic Con (fall), we preached the good news of sophisticated geek fashion to all nerds at these conventions. Also, thanks to Anastasia Washington, I spoke on panels at San Diego Comic Con and L.A. Comic Con. Interacting with nerds at the booths and doing Q&A at the panels are the epitome of the nerd community to me.
  • Fashion –One of my favorite fashion highlights this year was styling Leo Camacho for a couple of his red carpet debuts for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man Tell No Tales. This was my favorite experiences this year because we actually went out shopping and tried stuff one from head to toe. Naturally, Leo killed the red carpet. Or was it blue? Personally, I held back punches regarding my own fashion posts this year. The geek fashion scene has been saturated with a lot of ill-conceived designs in the name of geek fashion. Still, it’s no excuse for me to just do me.
  • Personal Health – I needed consistency in my life as far as mental and physical health. I began volunteering at a hospital once a week. I also hired a trainer at a gym and have been consistent for a few months now. Without my health, I have nothing.

Is there hope?

While 2017 stinks of ash and smoke, I have hope for life in 2018. With my proverbial breathing mask on, I’ve set travel plans, fashion pieces and even cosplays. There are good times, bad times and terrible times my world as a nerd. Then, there are amazing life-changing times. These are signs of life and reasons to keep pushing and creating for the good of the nerd culture and all reasons to show how cool it is to be a nerd.

What were your some of your favorite accomplishments of 2017? What plans do you have for 2018?

Share in the comments below! I’d love to know.


Running With the Dinosaurs – Kualoa Ranch Oahu

Dinosaurs exist, and they live with King Kong and some horses and cows. I saw this with my own eyes at Kualoa Ranch in Oahu.

Kualoa Ranch is where they filmed Jurassic Park(remember the stampede?) and Jurassic World, also, Kong: Skull Island, Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle, 50 First Dates, and over ninety other Hollywood films.

We were able to ATV for a couple of hours around a real World War II bunker, movie sets, and scenes from Jurassic Park.
While I wasn’t there to learn, I was schooled on a few things:

Almost one hundred movies were filmed at Kualoa Ranch.
My thumb is all that’s needed to accelerate an ATV.
Kualoa Ranch is privately owned, originally purchased for $8000.
You can get married at the ranch.
There’s a World War II bunker that shot anti-aircraft weapons here.
T-Rex sightings still happen (see video)

Ziplining, horseback riding, bus tours, and VIP private tours are also available so no one is left out. Cats, they also have cats.

Adventuring around dinosaurs, giant apes, war relics, and cats with a coastal breeze is the perfect way to spend the in the hidden valleys of Oahu. All these things exist in harmony even with humans at Kualoa Ranch.

Have you ever been to Kualoa Ranch? If so, what did you think? Also, what’s your favorite Jurassic Park movie? It has to be the first or last one right? No one ever says Lost World or Part 3…

Share in the comments!

Con Life

SDCC Fashion Tip: Try Something New Because You Won’t Die (Probably)

What percentage of people care about what they wear to San Diego Comic Con? 

I’ll say 100%. 

Everyone’s making a statement. From graphic tees, to earrings, to evening gowns and yes, now men’s blazers, fans are making a conscious effort to let the world know their passion. 

San Diego Comic Con is a welcoming environment, and amongst fifty thousand people, this would be a great time to try something new when it comes to fashion and style. 

These examples may sound small, but they’re a big step forward for a lot people:

  • Wear a hat (try it backwards)
  • Slimmer pants (not necessarily skinnys)
  • Baggier pants 
  • Cuff your pants (Max 2x)
  • Make your tee a cutoff
  • Show your socks
  • Get a tattoo (EXTREME)
  • Vans instead of Chucks
  • Chucks instead of Vans
  • Layer your graphic tee (denim or flannel or blazer)
  • Color block Your Outfit (Google: DisneyBound)

Whatever new fashion trick you try, it’ll feel uncomfortable for a bit, but it won’t kill you. Eventually, you’ll find your groove. 

The SDCC hype train will carry you, and your new confidence will have you walking the showroom floor and after parties with new style and swag. 

For starters, you can find the latest clothes and styles from the top geek clothing brands at Game of Bloggers Wednesday night at the House of Blues (see below).

What’s something fashionably new you’re trying at San Diego this year? What have you done at a con that you’ve never done before? Share in the comments! 


Blindsided: A Reaction To Wonder Woman

“My body’s ready.” “I’m so ready.”

No. No one was ready for what Wonder Woman brought as a film and as a message. I boldly say everyone was blindsided by the impact of this film. 

The parallels and symbols of what Diana did on the front lines of the war had levels that transcended time, social norms and emotional barriers. 

And that reveal of her armor, her splendor. The strategy behind that had me reciting righteous expletives in my head. I have goosebumps recalling the scene as I write. 

Wonder Woman as a film is a cultural and historical icon. 

We need to keep talking about Wonder Woman because I know I’m not the only one gushing with wonder. No pun intended. I swear. 

What kind of emotions did Wonder Woman elicit within you while watching? Did it meet or exceed your expectations?