Cross Coolture

When I found out about the Marvel comics/hip-hop legendary album cover crossover concept, my mind almost exploded. Holy smokes. I..

MoreJuly 29, 2015
Cosplay, Culture


  Ok, so I’ve been binging on X-Men the animated series on Hulu, yeah, one of the best cartoons from the..

MoreJuly 24, 2015

Holy Shift

“Dude, you just got scolded by Zachary Levi!” – Friend Yeah, I did. It was at the last night of..

MoreJuly 15, 2015
Con Life

Con Alive

One of the most exciting times of the year for us nerds, if not the most exciting time, is San Diego’s..

MoreJuly 14, 2015

Hey, Cool People

Whenever I talk to someone about being a nerd, I usually light up. By that I mean, my voice gets..

MoreJuly 6, 2015