A Civil War In My Wardrobe – A Side Has Been Chosen

Woke up this morning to the shots fired between superheroes, the titans of Marvel, Captain America vs Iron Man and their pledged allegiants backing them. 

Holy smokes, the Internet is blowing up.  

Holy smokes, Spider-Man!

 Holy smokes, Black Panther!


Holy Smokes, Tony Stark, RDJ and his suits!
Yeah, Tony’s swag and his overall confidence are what put me on Team Iron Man. When I read The Civil War back in 2007, I was Team Cap, but since RDJ and Tony have become the same person, I can’t not be on Iron Man’s side. The way he carries himself, his reasoning, his smarts, and his wardrobe; he’s just plain freaking cool. 

So this morn after watching the trailer a couple of hundred times, I dug into my personal wardrobe and got the Stark-iest suit I could find that bore the colors of Team Iron Man.  

 There are hints of gold.  

 There are a few shades of red and crimson red.  

 And I even found some brown to blend it all together. 

To me, this color pallet embodies both an Iron Man Mark suit as well as the dapper aura of Tony Stark. 

I figured this may help me get through one more day before Friday. This may help me walk tall when the odds are 6 vs 5. Oh wait, we got Spidey on our side now! WEBS! So yeah, the odds are now even and, the week’s almost over. Take THAT, CAP!

 So if you’re feeling the Civil War inside of you and need to express, start color blocking your clothes. It’s fun and easy. It may even unleash your inner hero siding you on Team Cap…or Team Iron Man, which we all know is the right side. 

Deeper dive: Downey gives valid points on why to choose his side.  

 Whose side are you on and why? Sound off in the comments!