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A Quick Chat With Harley Quinn Writers Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti At Long Beach Comic Expo 

It was a privilege to meet Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti of PAPERFILMS, two of the biggest names for Long Beach Comic Expo 2016.

 If anyone’s been reading POWER GIRL, JONAH HEX, SILK SPECTRE, and HARLEY QUINN, they should know the work of Amanda and Jimmy. On top of these high-profiled titles, Amanda and Jimmy have more original titles and projects than I have fingers and toes. Just so I don’t do an injustice to their work and contribution to our world of comics and geekdom, I’ll just leave this right here

So yeah, back at LBCE, I stood in line with Harley Quinn fans and other people who were willing to wait in a long line to meet amazing writers. Personally, I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to ask a few questions with the current pencil gods of one of the best DC comics out there right now.

This right here is a light-hearted brief interview touching on just how much of Jimmy and Amanda’s personality is infused in Harley’s character. We also talk about if Harley considers herself to be a nerd and just how cool it is to be a nerd these days. 

 By the end, I’m hoping you’ll want to go pick up a copy of the latest Harley Quinn comic at your local comic book store and rescue a puppy. Maybe you’ll meet Amanda and Jimmy at a con and thank them for being so dope at what they do. I, myself am very thankful.


Nerd Coolture (NC): Hi, I’m Marlon!

Jimmy Palmiotti (Jimmy): Marlon, how you doin, buddy?

Amanda Conner (Amanda): Hi, I love your name. You don’t meet too many “Marlon’s.”

NC: Thank you. Yeah it’s odd. When I meet one it’s either we become best friends or mortal enemies.


Amanda: So how many Marlon’s have you met?

NC: Three or four probably in my lifetime…We still keep in touch…

Jimmy: The ones that are living…

NCOK…So would HARLEY consider herself to be a nerd?

Jimmy: No, nerds don’t consider themselves to be nerds.

Amanda: I guess. Yeah. She loves comic books.

Jimmy: She might be more of a geek, less of a nerd.

NC: So there IS a difference there! How much of you, Jimmy and Amanda is in the writing of the character Harley herself? 

 Jimmy: I would say A LOT. With writing anything there’s a bit of yourself in it, but with HARLEY…

Amanda: …there’s more than the usual amount.

Jimmy: There’s a little more than we planned on, but it makes sense with the book.

NC: What’s a key message or theme that you would want your readers to take away from your HARLEY or any of the strong female leads that you have right now?

Jimmy: I got a simple one: Be kind to animals. Have fun. That would be mine.

Amanda: Yes. That’s right. I don’t know if I could top that. That’s perfect. “…and senior citizens…and animals, and have a lot of fun!” 

 NC: On a scale of HERO-to-ANTI-HERO where would you rank HARLEY right now?

Amanda: Everybody else’s eyes she would be less heroic, so she would be a “4.” In her own eyes she’s like a “12.”

Jimmy: Yeah I second that!

NC: How cool is it to be a geek or a nerd right now? 

Jimmy: It’s so cool, it’s normal.

Amanda: It’s great. I think once nerdiness becomes the norm less of us will get beaten up in high school. 


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