A “You” Hope

Balance. Force. Dark Side. Hope. 

My social media feeds are usually filled with nerdy, trivial, fun and intriguing headlines. But today, none of that seems relevant. We are all looking for answers, for hope…or something to dope us up to get our minds off of the San Bernardino tragedy. Sadly, “another shooting.”

Hmm. So what now? 


Feed the frenzy? Act like everything’s OK? 
Personally, the best way feel like myself during times of unspeakable events is to write. 


The Dark Side is strong at times, but it can’t win. 

Honestly, these are dark days, and they weigh on us. 

But we persist. How? Think of every epic movie, video game, novel, and comic phenomenon:

  1. The stories themselves give people hope (Star Wars, The Last of Us, Batman, The Hunger Games). The worst losses tragedies cause people to fight for a better world, for redemption and causes bigger than themselves. 
  2. Since we ourselves are inspired by these stories, it shapes us to express ourselves by writing, tweeting, being social, painting, sharing…our truest selves with others. 
  3. We continue to be ourselves unashamedly. There’s a time to mourn, and a time to dance. Both are needed. Every great creator or author portrays that in their protagonist. Thus, we the main characters of our own lives can mourn and move forward stronger and wiser. 

It’s hard to warp speed past tragedy. I don’t recommend it. Right now, we have the ability and need to be ourselves. This is still the time to express in our talents, Tweets, Instagram posts, blogs, fashion, nerd news, cosplays, and every other way that keeps us going. Moreover, this is the time to encourage each other in all things positively nerdy and cool. 


If the world needs hope right now in the midst of this craziness, it might be a new hope to some, yes, but more importantly it could be a “you” hope.