Adventure: Individualism and the Collective Journey

The residuals of playing games like Uncharted have me itching to get out and see something new. Living in So. Cal, the possibilities are endless and almost paralyzing.Recently, I stumbled upon these L.A. adventurists “Los Adventures” who have a total chic blog about weekend getaways, one-day trips and all of this possible while working full-time jobs in L.A.

Portuguese Bend Reserve

Hey that sounds like something I’d like! ::Clicks “Follow” button on all of Los Adventures social media.::

One of their mentioned Day-Trip destinations was the cliffs and sea caves of Palos Verdes. Generally, Palos Verdes has a rep for being a rich, yuppie, up-in-the hills, old-money area. It’s like nice, nice.

Surfs Up!

Why would I ever want to venture here? But with a bit more research and the uncharted factor, I figured there’s nothing to lose.

Pablo’s Verdes and its hiking area known as Portuguese Bend Reserve are totally worth the drive though, which were just under an hour from the general L.A. area.

If we’re talking Uncharted vibes, especially the latest Uncharted 4, this is a goldmine. Aquamarine water with rocky shores, hollowed caves, and plenty of marine life. The only things missing were pirate ships, the abandoned cities, and letters telling tales of mutiny. Alas, a few more discoveries on this ongoing journey:

  • There was a view that I saw after ascending a steep hill. The spectrum of colors in the water was striking. It ranged from shades of dark blue to green. Surreal moment. Pause. I couldn’t help but think of colorful individual personalities like in the Green Lantern light spectrum (green-willpower and blue-hope) and how they miraculously add to the collective to make society move forward.

    A spectrum of vivid color in Palos Verdes CA
  • In the darkness of the cave, the light was so apparent. That’s usually the first thing people look for when in a jam. Light shines brightest in the midst of darkness. It’s what we crave.

    Shadows and Light
  • Being familiar with the Uncharted story, characters like Nathan, Sam, Elena, Sully are current legends. The game’s story also centers around historical legends, Henry Avery and Sir Francis Drake whose stories we realize impact us today. We all take part in a story that’s already begun but our character is being written and discovered each day.

    Part of a story bigger than ourselves

The plot thickens. We either add to our legacy or admit it’s coincidence and chance with little significance; a life with purpose and discovery or a life of passivity and vanity.

This is why I’m itching to trek and get out, just seeing these cliffs, these ruins, in person has me stirred for more, more places “uncharted” under these feet, in this heart and in my story.

If you could venture out to anywhere you want, where would it be and what would it look like? Is there a way to have adventures indoors too? Would love to know your thoughts in the comments!