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Adventure: Your Nerd Mecca
At our SDCC Destination:Nerd panel the question of “What is your Nerd Mecca?” was brought up when it comes to travel. While most of my fellow panelists brought up Japan-slash-Tokyo as theirs in such confidence, especially since most of them had already reached it, I had to think quickl for such a life-shaping question. While the Lord of the Rings pilgrimage in New Zealand is most def on the bucket list, I can’t stop thinking about the Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis.

The Northern Lights are just magical, marvelous, so celestial that they’re arguably supernatural. As crappy as the first season of Heroes Reborn was, the scenes with the Northern Lights had my wife and I repeatedly saying “Let’s go there…”

Hoping to do this under the Northern Lights in the near future
Hoping to do this under the Northern Lights in the near future
At this point Maine and Alaska are most ideal for travel to see the Lights. Maine is harder to predict, but Alaska is freezing despite it offering the Lights on any given night. It’s a tossup and will require some planning with the wife as we both want to see this phenomena while both of our lives feel like they’re ramping up.

Excitement and anxiousness are currently running laps, chasing each other in my stomach as I think about chasing these lights. Both are necessary. There’s a way to make them work in harmony.

How do you get excitement and anxiousness work for you when getting ready to go somewhere new?

Plan and move towards the destination with small incremental actions.

Here are a couple of points for affirmation:

  • Google the Biggest Question – It sounds obvious but literally doing Google searches about your potential trip or booking a flight, locking in your destination will only calm waves of fear and anxiety. So yeah, like right now I’m looking at the best times to visit Alaska and Maine to see the Lights.  Now, I have a better idea of when to put things on the 2017 calendar. Wow, yes, already planning for 2017.
  • Talk About It – After you dig up your findings, discuss it with someone important to your trip. The next best thing I can do is discuss this with the person I’d like to go with, in this case my wife. This also help flesh out any obstacles or fears.

Taking incremental steps also raises excitement. In the long run, these small actions will lead to something enormously epic.

With a little excitement, a little dose anxiousness, and a little more planning, any destination can be reached once the dream starts being built with little manageable actions. In this case, chasing light will be a challenge, but reaching that ultimate nerd travel destination will make it all worth it.

For more on what motivates my travel adventures check out this travel series I did with Akangaru.

Stay tuned for future posts on how I’ve made the most of my travel adventures.

What’s your ultimate nerd travel destination? Have you made there already? Do you have plans to get there? I’d love to know! Share in the comments