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Why Nerds Travel (Pt 2) – Alice Fan’s “Stories” (Inspiration)

Imagination is a muscle that needs to be stretched and horizons can always be broadened. – Alice Fan

My friend Alice and I are tackling this whole nerd/geek travel thing, and why it’s important because it is. You’ll find out why very soon. Trust. Even I’m still learning why.

 To me, it’s playing video epic games that gets me out exploring the world, which seems ironic.

 To Alice, it’s all about stories. After, reading her wise words about travel inspiration, I realized the video games that impact me most are the ones that are narrative driven. They have unforgettable stories that I can’t not talk about. So yeah, when Alice says

“Essentially, it all comes down to STORIES,”

I nod my head and slap the table in agreement.

Alice’s post also took me down a couple of steps from Mount Olympus. Lately, I’ve been on this drive for creating, creating, and more creating, while being so hard on myself for having casual fun.  Alice writes

“It’s about consuming and creating narratives.”

In order for me to tell any kind of story, I need to get out and live a little more.

It’s cool to see the world. It’s even cooler to see the world “through the lense of a geek.” Even writing about it has unlocked some chambers that I never knew were there, and I hope it does the same for anyone else reading.

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