Batman or Iron Man

Batman v. Iron Man

Sometimes I wonder which one would win in a fight. They’re both billionaire bachelors with power, technology, and brains. And let’s not forget the suits. THE SUITS…oh, and the armor is pretty amazeballs. 

But this isn’t about all that.

This battle is more of a personality sorting that I deal with on the regular. I’m sure others can relate.

Some days I feel like Batman, Mr. Corporate Bruce Wayne during the day, having to hide what I really love to do after work. Sure, work is work and yes, let’s hope it’s not in vain. Even Bruce Wayne leverages his relationships for the good of Gotham. 

 On the flip side there’s the No-BS route by just telling everyone “I am Iron Man.” Yup. No spinning lies. No cover-up. Your calling is now openly a part of your life 24/7. 


So who lives the Batman life? Most in the corporate life clock in, shake hands, and clock out. Five o’clock rolls around and BOOM, they drive away with excitement. This is when people look forward to what really makes them happy like their family, hobbies or social hangs.

Those who are like Tony Stark can proudly say “Yeah, this is what I do. This is who I am. Take it or leave it.” But their lives display this even during the Nine-to-five work day. Most aspire toward this. I know I do. It’s a full integration of purpose and personality.

When I watch Batman movies it really is like day and night between Bruce Wayne and Batman scenes. Iron Man, though…Tony Stark, the suit, the armor…there’s no contrast.

There are days at work when I feel like a Bruce Wayne, wanting for the night to come just so I can do what I I was made to do, like there’s something bigger to contribute. But maybe I compartmentalize because no one would understand or there’s a risk I’m not taking. 


The days I blend my talents and personality, yeah, I feel like the Invincible Iron Man, and honestly, I crave for more of those days. 


Batman is dope. Don’t get me wrong. I am still a huge fan especially of the dark tones, but personally, I want to relate with someone who is taking on the role openly and doesn’t have to hide in the shadows or be so elusive all the time.

 Who can you relate with most of the time: Batman or Iron Man? Maybe it’s another superhero? 

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September 10, 2015