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  Ok, so I’ve been binging on X-Men the animated series on Hulu, yeah, one of the best cartoons from the 90s.

I mean, I’ve always loved the show, but I never cared for one character: Jubilee. It’s weird how one day, you can’t stand something, and the next you want to embody it.

I’ll explain.

As a kid I thought Jubilee was annoying and incompetent. Maybe I was jealous.

As adults, my friends and I geek out about how each character has their strengths. I’ve realized that Jubilee is the perspective of we, the fans of the X-Men. With little undeveloped powers, she’s dying to be a part of the team. Ok, so I don’t have “powers,” but I’m sure I can contribute something to the X-Men!

But, I totally love Jubilee’s swag. She’s a gamer, wears what she wants (dope shades), and chews gum like she invented it. She owns it.

I see so many nerds like this today, both guys and girls. They got the style, the skills, and they’re a part of a team.


This is nerd coolture right?

  • Identify what you love
  • Add your personal style
  • Contribute and help others

So yeah, I’m gonna cosplay as Jubilee with my own style not just for the sake of genderbending, but also cuz she lives out what a cool nerd is. I love that.

Which characters or shows do you identify with currently?

Were you surprised, or was it expected to find such a relation?

July 24, 2015