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Because It’s Cool To Be A Nerd – Even One Year Later

LEGO Stormtrooper had little to say but glad I tried
While writing a post about upcoming 2016, I was panning through previous blog posts. Little did I know that today, July 6 is the one year anniversary of when I wrote my first, very first blog post for Nerd Coolture…


Last year, just one week later, I’d take Nerd Coolture to the streets of San Diego Comic Con, introducing myself to others with mixed bag of timidity, anxiety, and excitement! Normally, working cons meant I was in a unit with other cool nerd friends from TOTL Podcast (now non-existent). But this time I was doing double duty, which meant at times I was running solo. Yikes.

Matt & Melissa: The first people I interviewed at SDCC

My approach and contact was minimal, but eventually, I got some momentum, which meant my wife kept reassuring me everything was going to be OK
as she handed out my overnighted business cards.

All of this journey because of the simple thought:

Because it’s cool to be a nerd.

But why was I timid, afraid and anxious?

  • 1 < 3 people = Not Legit Entity
  • The Obvious that People Know How Cool It is to be a Nerd
  • That My Voice Would Crack

But these are just fears and myths!

Being in the nerd community, and a content creator long enough, I know that one person doing the job is just as powerful as any number of people. Hello, have you met The Nerdy Girlie or Anastasia Washington? I know for sure they handle themselves in a way that people flock to them, and their squad makes Taylor Swift envious. But it’s their individual hustle that’s inspiring.

The Nerdy Girlie – Always a delight!
Anastasia Washington – Keepin it Real
About that obvious fact that nerds are cool: I’d say the majority of this world, the pop culture geek world still needs help or extra nuanced pushes on how to express their fandom or where to even meet other nerds. Have you met Your Friend Elle? She started an app called “Nerd Out” that tells where fellow nerds are meeting for the coolest nerd events! Before, you’d have to start a chain letter or write this stuff down in the public library bulletin board, only for it to be scribbled over. Yes, it’s cool to be a nerd, and the people are still needing to know publicly.

Download this app, meet nerds, spread the word!
Honestly, my voice isn’t the strongest when I speak, but when it’s about nerd info or con life or con friends that I’ve met throughout this past year, I can speak confidently and boldly, more than I ever have before.

Thankful to have any share of voice at all

Yes, there are times I get jaded by the blog life and the geek life in general.

Maybe it’s the pessimism of the crowd post-trailer reveal or the entitlement of the horde when a movie “flops.” Maybe it’s the predictability of circular reasoning when ethics are involved with a comic book character who just pledged his allegiance to the opposing forces 70 years later.

All of that could be staggering.

Can’t hate on the passion for fandom tho

Those are just headlines though. Headlines are not the whole story. It’s getting to know these individual nerds and their whole story.

Being around nerds like Tony Kim aka Crazy 4 Comic Con and Leo Camacho taught me that. They apparently model a life of spending time getting to know other people in the nerd community with intentions of building a bigger and better one (i.e. Comic Con and Disney).There have been so many cool nerds whom I’ve crossed paths this past year. So many writing experiences that have unlocked secret fortunes and levels that I never thought I’d reach. There’s so much more to be done!

Tony Kim Crazy 4 Comic Con and The Giant Rooster
After this shot with Leo, new bridges were being built

Being a nerd isn’t all of my worth, but it’s contributed a Hulkbusting portion to my purpose and cause. Moreover, whether you’re just starting to know your worth as a nerd, or you’re stuck in a rut of identity, heck maybe you’re killing it right now with your work, you’re never too far to realize just how dope you are. Your style, your ideas and your coolness, it’s all a part of you.

Let others know about your coolness, and help them realize theirs too.Because honestly the vision and the lifestyle of Nerd Coolture hasn’t changed even 365 days past:

Jubilee – the coolest nerd of the X-Men

It’s cool to be a nerd.


What’s something geeky or nerdy you’ve learned about yourself in the last year? Did it have a lasting impact on you?

Sound off in the comments below!