Blue Monday: Chappy Chanukah Chan Solo

Sometimes, like an uncool nerd, I’ll speak of things I have no idea about: like Chanukah

I wanted to change that. 

So here’s what I did with little knowledge from 6th grade, an Adam Sandler song, and our friend Shoshana “Sho” Bean who’s a little more familiar with the Jewish holiday. 

 My wife and I asked Sho to school us about the “Eight Crazy Nights.” She was happy to oblige. Yeah she really was happy:

  • to have us light menorahs while singing a blessing.  
  • to serve us potato latke. Don’t forget the coogle. That’s good stuff.   
  • to spin many dreidels with us. 
  • to bake Maccabee, dreidel, and menorah shaped cookies and have us decorate them.   

Most of all, she was happy to have us share her holiday with her. It was nerding out on a whole other level, mixing family and cultural traditions. Maybe we even started new traditions

Heck even Han Solo showed up for some menorah action. 

 Can’t forget Star Wars right?

We also learned, and I never would’ve guessed that Shoshana is a big Star Wars fan with C3PO Adidas. She also can’t wait for Episode VII


But that was one of the best parts of the night, spinning dreidel and talking about everything between our heads and our hearts; all things nerdy, creative and hard. 


Now I can speak of Chanukah. Our first experience and how memorable it was with traditions held and new ones formed. And to think, Chanukah gets eight nights of this coolness.