Blue Monday: Loud Mouse

The consensus last week was that fellow nerds had to shift from the SDCC hoorahs back to the daily grind of building widgets on the assembly line.

Well here we are again: Blue Monday. It’s a great song by New Order, but it’s also what I will be writing when I find cool items of nerdiness to express fandom. Of course, the items have to contain blue.

Right now, I’m airport bound ready to fly out for a corporate meeting. We will be discussing medical jargon that has nothing to do with comics, cartoons, or television. No one will be wearing costume makeup, Harry Potter scarves or showing Superman tats.

I, however, have chosen to subtly express my fandom while being somewhat business casual as the meeting attire calls. As an avid fan of The Simpsons, I have found a travel bag that is both expressive as well as business savvy. Thankful for Drop Dead UK clothing for this.

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Itchy & Scratchy Holdall bag from Drop Dead UK
The patterned faces of Itchy & Scratchy complimented by the dark tones of faux leather and black canvas make this bag suitable for any occasion.

Check it out: While everyone will be walking into the meeting with the same computer bag that the company hands out on hire date, or rolling their standard Samsonite luggage, this bag will stand out.

Trust, this isn’t for bragging rights. It’s deeper than that:

  1.  Standing out allows for conversation whether someone compliments or criticizes.
  2. Standing out allows you to be brave this one time and even more brave the next time. If I can express myself this time, I’ll be dang sure do to it again.
  3. Standing out shows people that you aren’t afraid to express yourself. It may not be vocally, but it shows what you’re proud to represent.
  4. Standing out reminds you of what you love and who you are.

Patterned and Lined with Faux Leather for Versatility
Patterned and Lined with Faux Leather for Versatility
So this Blue Monday, I’m thankful for Itchy’s blue face. It reminds me to be bold amongst a not-so-vivid corporate world. I’m not causing a rebellion here, but expressing who I am in all arenas of my life will lead to a healthier me even if it’s subtle and small…like a mouse.

What are your ways of expressing fandom in a conventional work or atypical nerd environment?

This will be a running theme! Can’t wait to explore this with everyone. Keep Nerd Coolture alive!