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Blue Monday: Held Memories

My favorite comedian Jim Gaffigan gave a spiel about taking so many pictures these days, all he’ll be left with is a closet full of computers and hard drives. 

The bit was hilarious but soooo true. 

So I’m like “Dang. I’m gonna start getting my pics printed again.”

Been two years now, and my latest photo book is from this past San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). 

I’ve found that I’d rather share photo books with my family and future children than digging through folders and folders of hard drives. 

I started to calculate how many pics have on my phone. Over 2000. Then I upload them to a cloud (even lazy to do that). Then I hoard them til I get a new phone. 

And then what happens to all those pics?

Even pics posted on social media aren’t often rummaged through. There’s no easy way to find them either. 

So here’s how I started the whole photobook thing: 

  1. Find a Deal: Get a promo from Groupon or Living Social for a free photobook or discount. I used MyPublisher because they were on Groupon, they were simple, and they are high quality. 
  2. Pick an Event: Choose a simple event like a birthday party or previous weekend getaway. You don’t want to print every digital picture on your phone. You’ll be overwhelmed. 
  3. Let Them Build It First – most photobook companies have an option to organize the album for you, and then you can make modifications. This is the easiest way to start. MyPublisher has a great photobook builder!
  4. Take Small Bites – When organizing vacation photos, I try to finish one day of the vacation and then stop. When I have time, I’ll pick up and work on the next day, and so forth. This will allow me to finish the book before my next vacation. 
  5. Subscribe – When you subscribe to the photobook company emails, you’ll get the best deals, sometimes even free photobooks. I’ve paid for half of mine, which frees me up to get upgrades like glossy paper or rushed shipping. 

So this Blue Monday, I can easily access my favorite SDCC 2015 memories and share them in a tangible way with my family and friends who may need a little more Nerd Coolture!


September 15, 2015