Con Life

Blue Monday: I Hate Reading 

It’s been a crazy fun weekend with Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo.

Sensory overload though. 

But there has to be a way to filter and diffuse all that content put into my eyes, ears, and soul over the last three days. 
Some was great. Most content was dismissible. There were some images I definitely could’ve lived my life without seeing. 

Blue Monday remedy: Books

Yes, particularly chosen books to help reorient myself. 

 The hardest part with books is, well, you have to read them. 

I hate reading. 

But I gotta feed my soul the good stuff. 

In context of Comikaze and engaging with the nerd community, I thought these books would help anyone trying to find focus. 

Everyone’s on a journey and wants to share their story. Why not get a thrill while doing it? 

 If there’s any proof of zombies today, it’s people doing things aimlessly every day, consuming their way through life with no goals or purpose. 

I find myself in this cycle too, but going to geek/pop culture conventions and reading books like this easily revitalizes me. 

 Finally, you always need an escape, but not like a drug. 

It’s more like an inspiration to empathize and someone emulate, a protagonist to learn from in a figurative sense. 

Humans love narrative and story. It’s how we connect. 

It was very evident at Comikaze that we connect through similar stories both personally and in fiction

So this Blue Monday if you’re having a hard time recalibrating, pick up a book or something to slow down the stimuli. 

Some people meditate on it, pray, exercise, dance, whatever it is, refocus on what feeds into your identity.