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Blue Monday: I’m Writing About a Pillow

So my wife walks in the door last night saying “Sorry. This was a birthday gift for me, but it’s gonna be around the house if you don’t mind.” Then she shows me this:

I’m like “OMG. That is freakin amazing! Did you think I would be jealous or something? ‘Cause I am!”

Yeah…I’m jealous…because I’m just now finding out about these amazing celebrity time period piece pillows you can get at Society6

I’m starting to think that RDJ/Tony Stark would wear that uniform if he lived in whatever century that was. He’s just that in charge. Freakin boss. 

Goal: Look dope in whatever century your head is attached. 

My wife and I look at Robert/Tony as inspiration (least that’s what she tells me haha). He’s admirable and handles business. Oh, and he loves the fans. 

Would I say that I’m looking forward to laying my head next to this pillow or spooning it? Nah. We have other pillows, but it honestly does feel like the coolness of RDJ is right next to you.  

 Blue Mondays will be more chill with our new friend Robert/Tony loungin with us around the house. 

I wrote about a pillow. 

No regrets. 

August 17, 2015