Blue Monday: Jonesing

Ok so here’s a Blue Monday post on a Tuesday. 

Forgiveness please. 

I got sick and crashed on the couch, falling in and out of sleep. 

What literally got me through the day?


And Netflix.

Specifically, Jessica Jones

Who’s tired of bad ol’ JJ by now? 

I’m not. 

Though my social media timelines are flooded with her, I love what people are saying; the general consensus of how she’s a positive role model and strong female super hero lead…all that good stuff. Yes!

Here’s why JJ stands out from the episodes I’ve seen:

  • Jessica is empathetic despite her imperfections. She does care for the worst cases when they themselves need help, all while her life is a living hell. 
  • Jessica recognizes the epitome of evil and devilish acts (Kilgrave) but also chooses free will to live a better life and love on others. Though she herself wouldn’t call it love. 
  • Jessica is brash, forward, and independent but relies heavily on friends and a strong support system.  

Yes, I observed all this in and out of naps, occasionally hitting the “Yes” when Netflix would ask me if I’m still watching “Jessica Jones.”

I still have a few more episodes to go, but I’m hopeful Jessica will overcome a few of more demons, all while I overcome this force that’s holding me down. 

But for now, more JJ on Netflix and rest. 

Have you watched Jessica Jones on Netflix yet? If so, what do you like about it?