Blue Monday: Marge In Large

Props to my wife and her friend Shoshana Bean for finding this Marge Simpson print and thinking of me while shopping at Zara

  I’ve been wanting to wear long sleeves for the past month. [Insert disgruntled Marge Simpson groan] This hot weather won’t let up. Ugh. I don’t even bother checking the weather anymore. It’s just going to be “hot.” Anything outside of that is a treat. 

I’m looking forward to cooler nights with the windows open, layered clothes with textures and prints.

A step away from shorts, tees, and a face grimacing the unrelenting sun is the prize. 

This Blue Monday, August gets the boot for this year. We’re one step closer to fall season, Halloween, pumpkin lattes, scarves, beanies, gloves…all that jazz to show fandom in a fashionable way. 

 For now, maybe some nights will get cool enough to layer. Maybe a sweater can be worn indoors (Lord knows). But once fall hits, and the season changes, Marge is leaving the house. 


August 31, 2015