Blue Monday: Mischief Managed

“Except you don’t need to watch ‘The Chamber of Secrets’ because it doesn’t fit in with the rest of them…”

Said my best friend, Ronald (coincidence?), who wasn’t just wrong about the Harry Potter movie saga, but was so strong in this belief, I was telling others the same thing. 

I bit myself in the butt like a snake, like Nagini

I felt so stupid. I still feel so stupid. 

Chamber of Secrets was so crucial in the end. 

Anyway, so this Blue Monday, I’m diving back in the Harry Potter world. 


I need to redeem myself and manage such mischief that I’ve cause amongst my peers. 

Here’s my usual order when it comes to revisiting Hogwarts and why I’m drawn to these films:

  • Prisoner of Azkaban: So much plot twisting goes on in this, but what’s most underrated and appreciated is how they perfectly handle time travel continuity. 
  • Order of the Phoenix: There’s a huge rite of passage here like “sh*t just got real.” A lot of it has to do with what happens at the end of the previous film/book, but you see Harry and his friends reach new levels of maturity here.   
  • Half-blood Prince: A lot of people loved this book, but non-book readers hated this movie. I love it because we see how Harry and the crew grow during the in-between. How the waiting brings up conflict and how they each handle it as friends and young adults.   

Back to Chamber…I’ve seen Chamber of Secrets only once, and now knowing how crucial it is, I may gain a deeper appreciation for it. And then go punch myself and then my friend Ronald. 


So this Monday I can’t wait dive back in to the wizarding world of Harry Potter and see if I can redeem myself for the mischief I’ve caused now that I’m a grown wizard responsible for my actions and wizardry. 

Either way, just know that every book/movie is crucial to the saga, especially the second one. 


In your opinion, which Harry Potter book/movie was most crucial to the story? 

Which one was your favorite?