Blue Monday: Remember TRON?

So my friend Josh gave me this Tron Legacy soundtrack on vinyl. People weren’t crazy about the music…

But that soundtrack…
Best part about this record is how it blends so many worlds. I’m talkin Daft Punk, electro funk, Disney, technology, and nostalgia all on one Tron identity disc. 

This is the kind of stuff that gets me through Monday. The nerd stuff out there worth sharing is the stuff with layers like:

  • Unique gadgets that open worlds up to other worlds. 
  • Nerdy items we just can’t wait to share with other nerds. 
  • Creative content like blogs or tweets that move us. 

I mean…

When I put this record on the player, I don’t know whether to stare at it or rave hard in my living room. It’s hypnotic. 


But what I do know is when I look at this Tron vinyl, I ask “Who can I share this with?” All of my nerd friends come to mind. 

Bonus: All of my musical friends come to mind as well. 

Let’s not forget the Disney fanatics. How cool is that?! 

My heart fist pumps through Monday and even Tuesday knowing that these nerd worlds can come together with this one record. 

What kind of nerdy stuff do you have that blends two worlds together?

How does your nerd life help soothe the burn of Monday?