Blue Monday: Survival Bag

There’s something about wearing a backpack that makes you feel extra brave. 

For some people it’s not a backpack but a sling or messenger bag. The point is that without it, the day-to-day would be tougher.  

It has become a survival necessity. 

When choosing a bag, there’s a mindset that should go into it, like it’s an investment. So don’t be afraid to spend a little more if necessary. Here’s why:

  • Adventure Time – Think about Finn and Jake from Adventure Time and how they’re rarely without a bag because well, who knows what lies ahead?! Treasures and con swag will need to be found and kept safe! Really though, pockets, especially with slim jeans, don’t always do the job. A backpack supplements perfectly.   
  • Post-Apocalyptic Durability – When the world has gone to hell, your backpack should be inspected to last through the toughest situations, rain or shine, or zombie.   
  • Your Identity – Your backpack should eventually be an expression of you. I’ll never forget the scene from The Last of Us when Joel found Ellie’s bag; he knew she was in danger because she’s never without it. You can add flare pins, patches, or Sharpie the crap out of it to show people it’s all you. Also, wear it frequently so they ID it with you.     

The more you wear your backpack the more it becomes like a companion. 

You learn the ins and outs, which items you want to put in which pockets for quick access. This is important when exploring, hiking or refueling at nerd conventions.  

So if you don’t have a backpack or messenger or satchel, take some time in researching a durable and versatile bag that can soon be an extension of you and help you get you through your toughest days, Mondays especially.   

October 13, 2015