Blue Monday: This Beach

California beaches get a bad rap for being dirty and cold. Also, let’s not forget how crazy crowded they are. I’m lookin’ at you, Santa Monica

Well, there is some truth to that, but I also add a lot of fuel to the fire. 

But there is one beach in So. Cal where I love to retreat. Yes, nerds need to get away to recharge their social batteries and fill themselves with some nothingness. So this is the beach where I relax most:  

Laguna Beach.

  Where the water is blue and warm and the crowds are small. 


 They have a historic castle fixture that belonged to an old sea captain and Bette Midler. 


  There are a few private beaches up and down the coast with tide pools. If you go at the right time, it feels like you own the ocean.  

  There’s a Whole Foods nearby for the thirsty…and hungry. 

So whenever you need to fill your energy meter, bring your favorite comic book and hang at Laguna Beach. 

This Blue Monday, I’m wallowing under the bluest sky in the bluest water kissing the summer goodbye. 

I’d love to know what your favorite beach is! Cali is full of hidden gems and so is the rest of ‘mericuh. 

September 7, 2015