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Blue Monday: Why Nerds Should Write

If you’re a nerd, you’re a fan. If you’re a fan, you’re blowing air about something you love or hate.

Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram- you’re updating because you want to share something. It shouldn’t stop there.What if you made it was more impactful than that? 

Most nerds I know are creatives, writers, bloggers, and podcasters. 


They don’t just take a handful of dust throw it in someone’s eye and run.
But most people wouldn’t consider themselves writers because they haven’t written a book or newspaper article. 

You’re a writer when you say you are. Just sit down and write and make it a part of who you are. Remember, this isn’t 140 characters or captions below a picture, but a journey requiring a call to action and change. 
So here’s a few reasons why nerds should write: 

  1. Jedi Focus– It will help make your beliefs and convictions more precise. When you can visualize your words, you weed out the fluff in your brain. 
  2. Avengers Assemble Soon– As unique as your style and thoughts are, you’ll begin to find your tribe who will want to run with you when you share your writing
  3. Daily Planet Credibility– You’ll gain a platform once you establish yourself as a writer no matter what size your audience. If you know you write, and you share it, it’s credible. Boom. 

I bought these dope Numskull retro gaming console journals from Yellow Bulldog UK
I use each one for different writing subjects (i.e. Spoken word, podcast ideas, financial planning, etc.). Each one is lined with the console ensignia. 

There’s an ample amount of pages to write your thoughts out before they even hit the social media jungle. 

This Monday, I couldn’t wait to get home and dig my thoughts into these pages where my blues meet these blue lines. 

So if you’re thinking about writing or know someone who’s on the fence about the title, chances are, you and they are writers. 

All it takes is owning it and well..writing more. If you’re online, you’ve probably gotten the hang of the sharing part.  

September 29, 2015