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Comic Con Palm Springs – So Hot Yet So So Cool (Review)

This year was the first year of Comic Con Palm Springs (CCPS), and I just happened to be trekking the desert to capture all the cool nerd stuff going down.

Also, I just realized I’ve never attended a con’s inaugural year so…::hashtag–Blessed::

Stroll thru Artist Alley
Desert oasis Palm Springs is close to L.A., San Diego, San Bernardino, the Imperial Valley and now it has its own con to cater to locals, making it cooler than ever in the middle of summer. Here’s what what I found to be cool about CCPS, and why I’d go back to check out year-two:

  1. What’s Up, Stan?! – As far as guests and celebs, there were current and nostalgic ones from cast members of Fear the Walking Dead, Daredevil, Flash Gordon, The Rocketeer, and even the man himself, the reason why many of us are nerds in the first place, Stan Lee whom I happened to run into on the showroom floor. Yeah, all of them were just sitting at tables where you could just walk up to them and start a convo. Of course anything with their face on it was for sale, but they were still super cool to have a chat with or without purchase.
    Stan Lee leading a parade of smiles
  2. Herd’s the Word – When I was walking into the Convention Center, there was already staff outside herding and sorting the massive crowd into various lines. Also, I can’t ignore the fact that the crowd was huge, and even in the late PM, there was still a line inside, which may be a good problem because so many people are willing to check out a brand new con.
    Just half of the line waiting just half of the line waiting to get their badges
  3. Room To Grow – The set up at Palm Springs Comic Con was unique. The lobby had vendors and tables, which I’ve never seen at any con. I thought this was unique because inside the showroom floor there was plenty of open space, which was mainly used for cosplay photog and sitting on the floor to eat cafeteria style food. But as unique as this setup was, it didn’t feel out of place, it felt comfortable to have breathing room inside the floor and also things to see the lobby. Now, I’m wondering if that showroom floor was left empty for a reason.
    Open space is nice
  4. Heart In the Art – As soon as I walked into the showroom, I saw two tables of art that I haven’t seen at any other convention. Cool. Loved it already. An eventual stroll through Artist Alley had me nodding my head that the theme continued with unique artists whom I’ve never noticed at L.A. cons. This alone, had me happy that CCPS was able to put together something different.
    Heart this

A couple of fellow LA-Con regulars and cosplayers whom I ran into at CCPS noticed that there were a lot of first-time con attendees based on the conversations they had, which is totally cool. I’m a huge fan of people attending their first con, and CCPS had a good amount of activity to offer for first-timers. This also shows the need for a con in this area.

Dope Falcon cosplay by @AssassinForte
I can honestly say that Comic Con Palm Springs was a success. Are there things that could be enhanced or added? Of course! This was their first run. Sure, add some tables and chairs, sell some CCPS merch, put together a few major panels for crowd participation-sake, and get some local food vendors to get people to stay longer.

Overall, Comic Con Palm Springs had the necessary bases covered to make a con a solid con. I’m looking forward to see this con grow with necessity and popularity that will refresh every nerd in the desert.

What’s your favorite smaller/local con to attend? What makes it comfortable and so likeable?

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