Fashion Friday – April Showers Bring Tay’ Flowers and Random Fandom Facts


It’s the middle of April. The last four days have been 90Β°, and the next three are going to be cold and rainy.

I get excited when it rains. We totally need it. The flowers and trees are totally grateful as they try to show their colors like right away and for as long as possible.

So I figured I might as well do as the plants do by striking my colors in fashion. While I do that, I thought I’d share a little more about myself in one of those Random Fandom Friday things or talk about how I took a ballet class when I was young…  

  OK here we go!

  1. FASHION: Guys, there’s nothing wrong with wearing patterns outside of plaid, stripes, and argyle. Remember when it wasn’t cool to wear pink, and now guys comfortably pink? Yeah, it took some bold dudes to walk through that pink brick wall to get more guys to wear pink. So yeah, floral or dots, or houndstooth patterns are A-OK. This floral jacket, I bought at Forever 21. And yes, they have a men’s section.  
  2. FANDOM: April showers bring Tay’ flowers. I used to hate Taylor Swift. Like HATE hate. Then I learned more about her creative process, her love for her fans, and her devotion to her squad. Overall, she’s a fan of others and spotlights them, which is why so many people love her; her peers, fans, probably her haters, everyone. Her music is whatevs, but yeah. I got much respect for her. I got this Taylor Swift pin from Good Good Pins 
  3. FASHION: Before going out, I’ll get dressed look down at what I’m wearing and ask my wife “Does this work?” Whether she says “Yes” or “No,” it’s most important that I feel mentally and physically comfortable in what I’m wearing. This will eventually make me feel good emotionally throughout the day. So even if I disagree with my wife’s answer, if I feel confident with what I’m wearing, that’s what matters most. I do agree with her though, ’bout 98% of the time.
  4. FANDOM: Michael Jackson– Like Michael Jordan to basketball, Michael Jackson is the greatest artist to music of all time.  
  5. FASHION: Hats are good. They accentuate your hair, cover up your hair, and accentuate your facial features. They themselves are a feature. The hat is the last thing that I put on when I get dressed. However, I do know some people who dress their entire outfit around their hat, which is also cool. I buy all of my five-panel hats from The Quiet Life 
  6. FANDOM: Clouds, rain, and small glimpses of sun remind of me darker shows like (Fear) The Walking Dead, Batman (The Animated Series), and Jessica Jones, all of which I’m revisiting right now. All of these shows handle issues of morality, contrast life and death, and are just written so freakin well.
  7. FASHION: I’d be easy to say, I can wear what I want during this weather because it’s unpredictable or unsettling and wet, and I just want to be comfortable. Yes, the fact that it’s unpredictable is contrasted by the fact that I can control what I wear, and be comfortable in my skin and in my clothes.   


How do you dress for transitional weather? Are you more of a winter or summer person?

BONUS: What shows are you currently streaming or binging right now?

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