Fashion Friday: Distressed Clothing Inspired by Luke Cage

“You’d be surprised how expensive it costs to look this cheap.”

― Steven Tyler

Whether you stayed up through the night enjoying such a gift or woke up early to unwrap many episodes, Marvel’s Luke Cage on Netflix feels like an early Christmas.

While I’d love to talk about the music, the culture or even the crossed storylines with other Marvel peeps like DareDevil and Jessica Jones, I’m here for one thing, Luke’s shirt.

Luke putting in work (

Throughout the series Luke is mostly rocking a tee-shirt and hoodie. But mostly, he’s just rocking a t-shirt. But you know at the end of an intense scene, like super intense scene Luke’s clothes are always jacked up with scuff marks and holes. Regardless, it’s still stylish AF.

Cleaned up Luke (

Distressed clothes are still a thing. The irony is that is it seems like the more holes in the clothes, the higher the dollar on the price tag.

Urban Outfitters – $69
Publish sweater @ Urban Outfitters – $112
Publish Mida sweater @ Urban Outfitters – $119

  • We may not all do heavy lifting or grind our knuckles in the streets, but wearing such clothes symbolizes our hard work. We rock worn, torn and distressed clothes like we’ve put our hand to the plow or have been put through the ringer.

Luke, well he’s been put through the ringer. So he’s paid the price for every hole in his shirt.

If you’re inspired to be heroic, feel invincible behind all your hard work and underneath your skin, here’s how you can step up your Luke Cage look:

Grab an Exacto Knife and some scissors:

Enjoy the rest of Luke Cage!

Would you spend a lot of money on distressed clothes? Have you ever made your own? What do you think of Luke Cage so far?

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