Fashion Friday: His and Hers (Unisex Clothes)

During a Netflix Friend’s binge, I came across the episode “The One With Joey’s Bag” and had a relevant revelation.

The episode is premised with Rachel styling Joey for his audition. She accessorizes him with a “man’s bag,” which can easily mistaken for a ladies purse. After Rachel encourages Joey about the bag, he feels empowered and risks his reputation and career by carrying it around.

The word that’s exchanged and emphasized during Joey and Rachel’s conversation about the man bag-slash-purse was “unisex.” This is something that’s misunderstood nowadays especially when it comes to men’s fashion.

Guys wear guy clothes: OK.

Women wear guy clothes: OK.

Guys wear women clothes: Not OK.

Do Clothes have Gender?

I’m not sure if clothes still have gender boundaries. Some do. Most don’t. While it’s arguable that most things look typical and typically better on “said” gender due to societal norms, the possibilities with fashion are not limited.

Why not?! Looks Great on Both!
There are numerous articles on the web that say how guys love it and find it attractive when a woman dresses “down” in jeans, sneakers, jersey, hat, etc., typically, when she dresses in guy’s clothes. But why is this guy’s clothing? Chuck Taylors and Vans, and hats are sold on both sides of the store (men and women) and look exactly the same.

But if a guy were to venture in wearing, hmm, let’s start with skinny jeans or excessive jewelry, there’s little to no budge.

Who’s breaking the rules?

In fashion today, women are wearing men’s clothes better than men can wear men’s clothes. Have you seen Ellen rock a blazer? She dresses better than most men I’ve met my enter life, including myself.

Also, don’t get me started on Jaden Smith. He’s criticized a lot, but the risks he takes with pushing the fashion envelope will make him a legend in the near future. The dude can rock a skirt and a poncho and still handle business.

You don’t have to make the big jump to rocking a skirt like Jaden, but other mainstream and idolized stars like Johnny Depp with bracelets galore or Jared Leto and his leggings or “jeggings” are specific examples that there are no gender boundaries when it comes to fashion. More examples of “It’s OK to Wear Women’s Clothes” can be found in this New York Post article.

Wrist Game: Strong
Now What?

I won’t say that clothes in themselves are unisex, but fashion as a whole is unisex. All the more, personal style is most important, meaning it’s what you do with the pieces whether the they be for guys or women.

Try something new maybe with a friend or someone who can style you. Last through the uncomfortable moment, and you’re off to higher ground.

You can still hold on to your said gender, wear what you want and be confident. Just like Joey and his man bag.

Do you think clothes are unisex? Yes or no?
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