Fashion Friday: How To Dress In Unpredictable Times And A Small Lesson From Vader

Living in Cali, it’s easy to say that our weather isn’t exactly black and white. It’s unpredictable with its rain or shine and its rain and shine. We get four seasons in one week and no full season whatever season it’s supposed to be.

So there’s no control over the weather, over El Nino’s moodiness. What I do have control over is my everyday fashion. I have a Darth Vader choke hold over my clothes like none other. This is where I can make things a little more black and white. Literally, I can wear as much black and white as possible no matter what the season, err, lack of season it is outside. Even Vader rocked the black and white, and even Vader wore layers. 

 Speaking of layers, it’s never a bad time to layer. Plus, it’s fun. Flexibility in fashion and function says a lot in being comfortable in an environment. It can affect daily activity and how we socialize. Flexibility in fashion may also show how adventurous or bold one is just by having a flannel draped or wearing some roughed-up boots. 

 Now about those boots and that flannel. That stuff is never out of style nor out of season. Doc Martens are pretty much timeless and can be used in casual and business occasions. Flannel shirts are great for layering, accessorizing and always just to have in the back of your car for a “wherever, whenever” cause. While most people spend top dollar for brand new Docs, flannel and denim, I usually start at my thrift stores around L.A., where I’ve seen more authentic brands for way less, including several pairs of original Doc Martens (Made in England). 

 So yeah, here’s how I handle the weather, by handling my wardrobe and the clothes that I wear. I layer up and down, and adapt myself to what the sun and clouds are doing. There’s a world full of unknown, but knowing that I have a handle on certain things that I love is what makes me happy. My personal fashion and self-expression happens to make things a little more black and white in a world full of gray and unpredictability. 


What are some of your fashion staples in your wardrobe?

Where do you shop for inexpensive clothing?

How do you dress and prepare during seasonal transitions?

Drop a comment below, I’d love to know!