Fashion Passion Power Up

Let’s face it, there’s no simpler way to show what you love than by wearing a graphic tee. Love for a band? Tee. Sports team? Tee. Cause? Tee. Superhero? Tee…of course!

At conventions like Comic Con, it’s pretty much the uniform. Sure they’re all different, but I’d say it’s like how nurses in a medical office choose something to wear. You pick something to get you through, and you can only get so creative with it.

Nowadays, women have all kinds of creative apparel like dresses, skirts, corsets, leggings, bows, rings, necklaces. Heck, now there’s even a Her Universe Fashion Show runway where the designing winner gets a contract with Hot Topic!

Speaking of Hot Topic, when I look at the guys side versus women’s…big difference. Guys are usually limited to graphic tees and possibly hoodies. We rarely even get crewneck sweaters anymore. I really don’t need a hood on every sweater I buy. C’mon people.

I digress.

A part of why I even started this blog is because I know that there’s a cool way to express fandom in more than casual situations like if you want to rock a tie to a trendy night out or wear blazer at a business casual night with colleagues.

Luckily there are people out there who have similar thoughts about the guys nerd fashion game. One of them is Tony Kim aka Crazy4ComicCon. I’ve known Tony for a couple of years now, and he’s been an excellent resource for con behavior and being a proactive contributing nerd in the community.

Just before this past SDCC, he shared his mission to the geek world: A men’s line of sports coats that are sophisticated, functional, and bold with fandom: Hero Within

hero-woven-labels-photo hero-within-navy

Tony with Hero Within designer Michael Lew



His mission during SDCC was to pitch the design and collection to others who would want to help pioneer the brand. You can read about it here.

When I saw Tony during Comic Con, he was proudly wearing the coat, and I must say it was super clean, sleek, and even the backside Superman insignia was not gaudy or out of place. Not sure if it’s the final design or not, but it looked ridiculously amazing. Even without the big “S,” the color pattern and subtleties make the fandom clear while maintaining a sense of formality and style.

screen-shot-2015-07-06-at-3-22-43-am ol100556 ol100567


I hope this gets launched. I offered to buy the one off of Tony’s back numerous times, but he refused (haha). He’s doing amazing things with it!

Again, in a world where graphic tees are the norm, and guys can only accessorize to a certain extent, this would change the game in men’s nerd fashion and enhance nerd coolture.

Learn more about Tony’s story here. He’s a great resource for all things Con-related; a cool nerd for sure. Oh, and he too does wear some cool graphic tees.