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Knowing Your Fandom Part 3- Rosetta Stonecutters: Importance of Speaking Nerd Code (My Fandom #2)

QUICK! What’s your favorite TV show or movie of all time?! What makes it your favorite? Have you watched it repeatedly? Are you quoting things left and right?

Moreover, do you speak the language or dialogue of your favorite fandom in your everyday life?

This is how The Simpsons has affected my life. I’ve embraced the people of Springfield almost my entire life, and I literally speak their language.

My familiarity with The Simpsons allows me to relate to so many real life moments where I’m like “Hey, just like in The Simpsons…” or “…that’s a quote from The Simpsons” as people look at me like I’m crazy.

So what if I’m crazy.

The Simpsons, the people of Springfield raised me.

When it comes to speaking your fandom, I say go ahead and tell people “These aren’t the ______ you’re looking for,” in an Obi-Wan tone, or “EXPELLIARMUS” that bro coming at you too strong. When you tell someone to “Live long, and prosper,” you’re not only wishing him or her well but also opening a portal for some serious nerd talk.

 Here’s why I let the nerd talk flow:

  • (Connect With Others) “Why Won’t Those Stupid Idiots Let Me Into Their Crappy Club For Jerks?” – Homer When someone picks up your nerd language, it’s like you just did a secret hand shake for the club you’ve always been a part of. But you never would’ve known if you didn’t whistle that Mocking Jay song or flash that Vulcan salute. 
  • (Affirm Beliefs) I’m a ‘A Star Wars” – Marge If you’re in a situation that causes a knee-jerk reaction to quote something from your favorite fandom, whether you say it out loud or in your head, you just had a good moment. Continue to embrace your inner nerd. 
  • (Empower Nerds)“Everything’s Coming up Milhouse” – Milhouse What you say is what you spread. When an underdog nerd like Milhouse can walk in a room and yell “WASSSSUUUUUUP” there’s a level of confidence that can’t be argued. Confidence invites persistence and favor, so the more you talk nerdy, the more you’ll want to share. 

There’s an exclamatory, flag-bearing role we nerds take and it’s letting the world know not only what we’re fans of but also that it’s a part of who we are. This is what I love about JORDAN DENE’s CLOTHING LINE that consists of one-liners from the nerd world of Marvel, Harry Potter, Disney, etc. These clothes are fashion forward, functional, and subtly nerdy. Of course you’d know the quote on the shirt you’re wearing. If someone recognizes, 10000000 points. But still, it’s empowering to bear the flag and spread the language. Heads will be scratched. Questions will be asked.

This is why today, from The Simpsons, I still introduce myself as “Hi, I’m Marlon. Who the hell are you?” Thank you, Bart for your audacity. When things are going perfectly my way, I can’t help but breathe a sinister “Eeeexxxxcellent” a la Mister Burns. I can’t even count how many times a day I give a grunt of disapproval as Marge would. It’s all just second nature to me. It’s the culture that raised me and the language I speak. 
So my challenge is to take note of the words and quotes that come out of your mouth. Maybe you’re a bigger fan of something than you thought. Maybe you have natural gift in articulating what you love to talk about and had no idea.

What kind of quotes or nerdy dialogue do you use on a day-to-day?

What nerdy childhood things still affect you today?

Are there fandoms you’re still uncovering during this process?

I’d love to know as you share. We can discuss in the comments below or on other social media!


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