Finding Fandom With – Jordan Dene @jordandene

One cool thing about being a nerd is expressing what you love.

I can’t say that enough.

Within the past year, I’ve heard and seen Jordan Dené’s name dropped several times at cons, specifically at geek fashion panels. She’s also a regular in my timeline and a friend to mutual nerd friends.

Her clothing brand Jordandené is stylish, subtle, and perpetually story driven. Hashtag that name see all the goodness that comes up. So I figured that I need to find out what inspires Jordan’s popular clothing line by asking her some insightful questions about her fandom.
Since Jordan is holding it down in the east coast, we weren’t able to do this interview in person, but her sincerity and epic nerdiness is laced throughout her response. I sent her an inquiring email, and we’re all fortunate enough to get kick-ass answers on her favorite fandoms and where her nerd journey began. All this, and she’s still keeping the nerds laced up in some the dopest nerd fashion out there!

Check out Jordan Dené’s Finding Fandom interview:

Nerd Coolture (NC): Are you a TWILIGHT fan? What happened to the TWILIGHT fans?

Jordan Den (JD): I would say, I’m decidedly not a TWILIGHT fan. I was pretty entertained by Book One, felt icky about Book Two, literally forced myself through Book Three, and totally gave up on Book Four. I have a thing for strong female role models, and for me TWILIGHT just totally missed that. I’m not totally sure what happened to the TWILIGHT fans, but I don’t feel like that story left anything behind to care about. It was entertaining enough to be a part of while it was happening, but I definitely don’t think there’s anything lasting about the Twilight saga.

NC: What does “Fandom” mean to you?

JD: Honestly, I used to hate the word “fandom.” I’ve always been a big nerd, but even so “fandom” just seemed like such an alien word to me. I’ve recently changed my mind about that. I still don’t use the word very often, but I’m starting to like it. To me, “fandom” means “nerdy family.”

 NC: How is fandom best expressed whether as individual fan or as community?

JD: My favorite way to express fandom is through fashion. I’m so thankful for subtly nerdy jewelry (like AUBERG DESIGNS and LOVE + MADNESS) because I can slip geeky goodness into my daily outfits without looking too crazy. This concept was also a big factor in starting my geek chic fashion business JORDANDENÉ. I love being able to wear things that most people don’t even notice but will trigger an instant connection with the right people.

NC: So when did you first realize that you were a fan of something in particular?

JD: I totally nerded out on Pokémon in elementary school, and I didn’t realized until later in life that that was my first fandom. I’m not totally sure why, but I kind of eased out of nerd culture in middle school and high school, until Harry Potter pulled me back in in college.

NC: What are your Top Three Fandoms?

JD: Top three fandoms would have to be HARRY POTTER, DOCTOR WHO, and MARVEL. HARRY POTTER for a lot of reasons: it was the first thing I nerded out over as an adult, it’s my absolute favorite book series, it was my first convention (MistiCon ’13), and it’s lead me to some of my greatest friendships. DOCTOR WHO, much less for the show than the people. I’m actually only minority invested in the show (shh…), but DOCTOR WHO conventions are without a doubt some of my favorite places to be. And MARVEL is just winning entertainment for me right now. I can’t get enough of the AVENGERS movies and DEFENDERS TV shows (plus GUARDIANS of the GALAXY was such a winner). I also love that it’s something my husband knows way more about than I do, and we can nerd out about it together.

 NC: How do you normally show or express to people what you love? What are your outlets?

JD: My two main outlets to express what I love are through what I wear and conventions. I wear something nerdy every day: always a Deathly Hallows and a Hufflepuff ring, usually a subtly geeky necklace, and almost always either a nerdy shirt or geeky leggings. I love commenting on other nerdy fashions when I see them and am always on the look out for Deathly Hallows tattoos. My second outlet is through conventions. I started attending cons as a way to sell my merch, but at this point many of the people I hang out with there are like family. We room together, carpool across the country together, drink all night, dance all night, and truly have the best time. Oh! And I’m also absolutely obsessed with throwing themed parties.

 NC: Why is it important for you to share your fandoms?

JD: For me, sharing fandoms is an instant connection. If I have a party for the GAME of THRONES premier, I know everyone is going to be on the same page and have something in common. If I go to a DOCTOR WHO convention, I can start a friendship with a total stranger by complimenting their TARDIS earrings. In my experience, sharing fandoms is making friends, which is what life is all about.

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