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Geek Fashion: Comikaze 2015 

Yes, my third year at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo, but this year I came with different eyes. 

With Nerd Coolture getting some traction, I had to check out not just what people were wearing but how fashion was represented. 

Geek fashion is blowing up in the nerd community. I’m not the only one who notices. 

It’s obvious: There was a geek clothing fashion show Day 1. For women by women, Le Geek So Chic, to be exact. Yes. Awesome. 


It featured indie brands like Living Dead, Unicorn Sushi, Girl With One Eye Fashion, Castle Corsetry, and Gold Bubble

My sub-agenda: count the guys walking the stage. One. He worked the hell out of that outfit so well, I didn’t realize what was going on until he was walking off stage. Believe me, that’s a compliment. Totally owned it.   

Five brands and roughly 40 designs later, there were virtually no guys. 


It’s ok. We’ll get there soon enough. 


Day 2 of Comikaze there was a “Guys Geek Fashion” panel which I was unable to attend because I was getting cosplay ready. But again, the movement is happening. 

Day 3 there were two speaker panels covering nerd fashion. I ran over to sit in “Fashionably Nerdy,” where one guy was representing guys fashion amongst several women. 


When the subject of why guys geek fashion is lacking three things stuck out to me:

  • Guys typically don’t think about how they dress
  • It hasn’t been proven to be profitable 
  • Guys need to step up their fashion game

That last bullet was a consensus among the panelists in hopes that more guys geek clothes will come into existence. If there’s no demand, there’s no profit. 

The hole that needs to be filled is getting from unfashionably nerdy to fashionably nerdy. Which is a sub-category in the panel I participated called “Nerd Living.”

How will guys even know how to do this if getting dressed isn’t a priority in the first place let alone in the nerd world?

Well, this is a huge facet of what Nerd Coolture is about, the fashion awareness, the dressing up part. No, it’s not about vanity, materialism, or anything typically superficial. It’s about creating a uniqueness about yourself to help bolster that confidence when you walk and present yourself. 


Knowing how to dress as a nerd doesn’t define who you are, but it can sure as heck add to how you carry on. It can set you apart from the crowd esp when everyone is wearing a graphic tee. Don’t worry; I own a ton of those. 

Being a guy nerd is cool for so many reasons, including how to think outside the box of typicality. 


This kind of thinking helps shape the culture and not just flow with it. 

So ladies, congrats on making great strides on your leveling up in the nerd community and leading the way in fashion here. 


Guys, what will it take to step out of that comfort zone in appearance, style and flow? It doesn’t have to be a priority, but it is clearly becoming a concern. 

Can we change the negative stereotype about men’s geek fashion being a risk for both manufacturers and consumers? 


For now, here’s some insight on taking a fashionable risk