Geek Fashion: Fashion Force Awakened

When I saw this GQ post yesterday, I thought it was a personal letter addressed to me. 

This…THIS is the future of men’s geek fashion, but it’s now. Today. 

And it’s glorious. 


Star Wars is teaming up with Bloomingdales and recruiting some of the best American designers to come up with Episode VII inspired fashion pieces. 

These are amazing. The designs are daring yet simple. They are for fashion as well as function. Anyone and everyone would want to wear this because it’s Star Wars inspired. And they would look good doing it. 

I mean come on…an extra long hoodie with scarf mask for Kylo, and a jersey baseball jacket for Finn?! That stormtrooper trench coat! 

That’s next level nerd swag. No typical nerd clothing designers are doing this. 

And that’s just it: geek clothing needs designers as much as these designers may need to be inspired by their nerd side. 

This is a huge point in GQ’s previous Star Wars Fashion articles. These designers grew up watching Star Wars. Now they’re given the opportunity to unleash the force. 

Before I finish, here are my favorite designs for the charitable cause going up for auction this December:

  1. Kylo Ren by Rag & Bone   
  2. Finn by Timo Weiland   
  3. Chewbacca by Todd Snyder  

If you miss the auction December 2-18, they will be displayed at the OG NYC Bloomingdales starting December 3. 

More info about these designs can be found at GQ Magazine

You’ll feel that?! 

The nerd fashion force has awakened.