Geek Fashion: Freedom In Fashion (WIP)

“‘Cause baby, you’re a firework.” – Katy Perry


It’s Fourth of July weekend!

Time to celebrate independence, from what though? And for what?

Well, that’s what history and social econ classes are for. But Nerd Coolture is about rockin’ you, yourself, and your individual style as a nerd! So the proposed question is: What are you wearing for the Fourth?

What’s your independent style?

I mean, it’s not a big deal, but at the same time, it’s a holiday commemorating ::William Wallace voice:: “FREEEDOOMMMM!” 

Most people will want to dress casual. Others will want to pull anything out of their closet that’s red, white, or blue. That’s all cool.

Summer Style: Navy Shorts, Button-Down, White shoes

Personally, I’m still in the swing of summer fashion practices with button-downs and khaki shorts.

My latest blog talks about dressing for summer without looking like a slouch, most importantly not feeling like one.

So for our nation’s birthday, I’m choosing between two outfits celebrating what we Americans love most: food. Honestly, my favorite American pastime is talking about food while eating food.

Solid basic tee for any summer day

Of course I’ll be wearing a basic tee underneath it all in case it gets too hot, or if my waist expands from too much chips & dip (guac and ceviche!).

Wearing food fashion on the 4th is like snowflakes for Christmas

However you celebrate this year, whether chilling in your backyard or at the beach, I hope you’re comfortable in your clothes, expressing what you love most.We have the liberties and freedom to wear what we love and love what we wear.

Can we get some mustard please?

Dang. It’s cool to be a nerd.

What are your plans this holiday weekend? How do you intend to show your nerd side on the Fourth of July?

Drop a comment below. ‘Merica!