Geek Fashion: Kilgrave Made Me Wear It

Kilgrave, you know, well because everyone should know Jessica Jones on Netflix by now, Kilgrave is an obsessive maniacal jerk. 

But man, does he know how to dress. 


Of course. 

 A man with the power to command anyone to do what he wants, he’d have the freshest suits and most custom tailoring ever. 

Shoot. I think he has me spellbound. Well, it’s more like in a way to step my thread game up. Here’s how I dressed like Kilgrave at work today without the mind control powers, the pissed off look, and obsession over JJ.

PS: This applies to non-purply clothes too.

  • Shady Business: I started mixing different shades of the same color, which still makes it monochromatic and leaves room for accents. Use various shades of grays and blues, denim too. The right lighting will help make it work.    
  • Texture (Not Text Her): Wool, on stripes, on linen with paisley…over denim? Yeah, that too. I made sure the textures and patterns compliment. They aren’t out-screaming each other “COME BACK, JESSICA!”   
  • Command Your Wardrobe: If there’s something particular in your closet that you want to wear (like purple pants), make everything work for it. That doesn’t mean it’s the center of attention, but you determining what goes around it will boost your confidence by the time you put your “purple suit” on.   

Finally, I don’t act like Kilgrave: By the time I clean up like “Mr. Purple,” I’m confident, yes, but I’m not entitled. It’s just a very refreshing feeling. 

If you put together an outfit like this, first, awesome! Second, please don’t go telling people to cross the street and stare at a fence until they die. That’s totally a Kilgrave move. Just look good, feel bold, and get better at what you do. 

What TV character exudes style and confidence to you? Does it influence the way you dress or want to dress?