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Geek Fashion: Originality,  Authenticity 

Every Look of Leto to date staring at the freshest burger

“Hard times arouse an instinctive desire for authenticity.” Coco Chanel 

In-N-Out Burger is fresh and authentic. When people order their food, they have this look, this feeling like they’re creating a masterpiece they’re about to wear to the gala. It’s like the high-fashion of fast food. 

Jared Leto is an artist. He’s method. He’s not just an actor but a musician, singer, painter, producer, director, model, and the list goes on. 

Both of these brands, these entities I’ve loved since I was young; In-N-Out since I was a kid and Jared’s band 30 Seconds to Mars since high school. 

Both give a sense of authenticity and stay true to their craft in a world that tries to shape us, a world that tries to have us copy the other or sell out, a world that tries to get us to break character. 

So glad these two never break character.

In these confusing, disillusioned times, it’s improtant to remember: You are your own canvas and masterpiece to perfect and display and express through fashion, social, personality, and other crafted talents. Stay original. Stay nerdy. 

How do you order your food at In-N-Out Burger? What do you think of new actors taking on classic roles?

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Marlon @NerdCoolture