Geek Fashion: Summertime Basics (WIP)

Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing.’ – Alexander Wang

Ah, summer is among us. The sun is bright, the water is fine, and the layers are shed, leaving us with the bare minimum: t-shirts, tanks, shorts, flip-flops, and whatever else gets us to sweat the least.

Some people carry their cross with the jeans, the jackets, looking good despite the heat because, hey, it’s a sacrifice to stand out these days. Hats off…No, might as well just keep it on with the rest of the outfit.

But there’s got to be a way to wear a summer outfit that’s tidy, fashionable, affordable and most importantly, comfortable since the heat has been cranked up. 

Personally, I’m a little less experienced with summer fashion, and I wouldn’t be the first guy to give tips, but I’m making strides with these summer staples. They’re must haves and will carry any summer outfit far with a little mixing and matching. 

Basic short-sleeve button down with khaki shorts
  • In the past few years I’ve bought some essentials like navy and khaki shorts as well as bold shorts.
    Shorts should be just that: Short (at the knee or slightly above)
  • I’ve also come to my senses that basic solid color tees go a long way versus the typical graphic tees. Both are good, but versatility with solids and even patterns is always best.
  • Two areas that I’m currently still learning and struggling are the sneaker game and blazer game. When it comes to fall, winter and spring, my shoes hold. I’m more of a dark, or colored boot person. Low-top light colored sneakers haven’t been my thing, but apparently, they work well for almost any summer outfit.
    Bold shorts balanced by low-top white sneakers
  • Lightweight blazers and sports jackets are also hard to come by for me. I’m still yet to find a deconstructed blazer with breathable fabric and no shoulder pads. That’s the kind that works best with a t-shirt and shorts or any other casual look.
    No shoulder pads, lightweight casual blazer

I learn all of this from reading and applying. Also staring at photo shoots of my favorite actors and how they rock styles.

Here’s one of the best summer fashion blogs that I’ve read. It’s from Trunk Club. They often give men’s fashion tips on how to dress, prep, and carry yourself as a modern gentleman…even in the summer time when it’s 110 degrees outside, and you feel like punching the sun in the throat.

Just because it’s summer. It doesn’t mean it’s an excuse to dress like a slouch. 

What season of the year do you love most? Is it easier for you to dress up and style yourself for that season? Please share in the comments!



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June 29, 2016