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Goals: San Diego Comic Con 2016

Oh snap, is San Diego Comic Con only one week away?!

First: I’m not ready.

Second: Let’s do this!

That feeling of being prepared up to a certain point where you’re like “Welp, here we go. Let’s see what happens.” Yeah, you can only plan so much despite how many times you’ve been to a con. That’s a part of the fun, to take things in stride and go with the flow.

Picking and choosing battles is also crucial. Like, I’m not walking into SDCC completely blind. Crazy4Comiccon’s blog is always a good abridged version compared to the official schedule. Moreover, it’s one thing to be a consumer and another thing to contribute, to go above and beyond.

In a recent post, I wrote about transition from team podcasting to solo blogger at the commencement of SDCC just last year. This year, there’s another, fortunate transition going on, where Lord knows how things will unfold.

While I’ll still be repping Nerd Coolture, I’ll also be bearing the brand of Tony Kim’s fast ascending Hero Within. Hi, I write for that site now too! WHOOP! Regardless of this current transition, I’ve managed to loosely lay out my goals for SDCC 2016:

  • Geek Fashion Discoveries – The needle has definitely moved in geek fashion since last year. This year, with Hero Within on the scene, I’m looking forward to engaging with other geeks about their perspective on geek fashion. Of course, a lot of this will be at the second season of Game of Bloggers (GoB) where I can’t wait to hear stories of heroism and fashion from other content creators!
  • The Killing Joke – The world premiere of Batman: The Killing Joke will be held at SDCC in epic fashion with a panel of the OG voice actors and producers preceding the film’s showing. I’m definitely going to make a valiant effort to get a seat, and I welcome any of you fellow geeks at SDCC to join me Friday July 22 9pm (but way earlier for seat) in Ballroom 20.
  • Nerd HQ – At this point, I don’t know if lightning will strike twice at Nerd HQ’s afterparty. Last year, it was lit with dope music, nerds dancing freely in a circle, cosplays and all. Also, hanging out with the host Zachary Levi himself wasn’t too shabby. He didn’t allow us to take pictures except for all of us fist-bumping. But yeah, Nerd HQ is a definite must this year for the night life. If you’re down for getting TURNT (dunno what that means), then come hang at Nerd HQ!
    Fist bumping with Zach Levi
  • Destination: Nerd panel: So the lovely Anastasia Washington (Anastasiatv) has graciously placed me on a panel about traveling in Nerd style! I’m so stoked and humbled to be on this panel at SDCC with these awesome nerds: CuriousJoi (Curious Joi), Brittany Heyden (Tenacious Bee Designs), Jasmine Rubero (The Beheaded), Jennifer Kretchmer (producer, actress), Michelle I am Chubby Bunny Bradley (Geek and Sundry), Katie Elhoffer (Elhoffer Design), and Emily Kelley (GameScribes). If you’re not doing anything Thursday July 21 3pm at the Pacific 24, North Tower Marriot Marquis & Marina, join us for a chat on how to level up your travel plans! If you already have something going on at that time, cancel it! See you there!

At this point, I’m still on the fence about cosplaying. My annual clicker cosplay from The Last of Us takes 6-8 hours, and I’m just not sure when I’m going to squeeze that in such a busy journalistic year with Nerd Coolture and Hero Within.

So yeah, at this point, these are my goals for SDCC. Everything else is a whim or fun times to be had. Like I’ve said before, when on vacation a there needs to be room for both a plan and flexibility. You can hear more tips like that at the Destination: Nerd panel!
Welp, time to start putting together my packing list…

What are your goals and plans for SDCC this year? What’s the contribution vs consuming ratio? Drop a comment below!


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