Graphic Tees: Sentiment and Disdain

In a recent attempt to purge my closet, I took a look at the mountain of graphic tee shirts and told myself “Today’s the day you all leave.” 

I failed. 

Comic apparel, band tees, and TV show shirts all make up the mound that takes up way too much space in my closet. What’s “way too much?” I have over fifty graphic tees not counting long sleeves and sweaters.

I hate the sight of them in my closet, and I hate resorting to them for wear. 

Why do I keep them?

Two reasons:

  1. Sentiment: Each t-shirt is like a milestone or moment in my life where I was like “Yeah, this life is good.” It’s hard to give that up. It’d be like a horcrux getting smashed.
  2. Uniqueness: Most of the tees I have are no longer available and also look better with age. It’s like I’m wine-skinning this whole thing out. 

Someone should start a program where you buy one graphic tee and someone comes into your house and tears two of your others to shreds. 

That would stop the black shirt hoarding and definitely put nerd fashion in the right direction at the same time.

Of course, I’d have to be blindfolded, restrained, or just not present to prevent the sobbing. 

If the world wouldn’t be a better place with fewer graphic tees, I know at least my closet would. 

Now someone please come over and help me with this!

What are your thoughts on graphic tees? Love em? Hate em? How many do you got?

Drop a comment below!