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How Nerds Travel Pt 1 – Level Up Your Plans

So Alice Fan and I briefly wrote about the Why’s on “Nerd travel.” It’s time we discuss the How’s. 


Personally, there are so many side-missions I can venture into regarding this, but I narrowed it down to a few of my favorites in light of my latest trip to our nation’s capital…er..Capitol? Well I guess it’s both. 


So here’s how I prepared for my most recent trip to Washington D.C.:

Pick A Place and Go: Exploring places entrenched with mystery and wonder is vital to any geek; it’s a total nerd thing with the video games and adventure movies, etc. Plus, I loved the whole theme of ASSASSINS CREED III, which is what inspired the trek to D.C. in the first place. But D.C. has both natural landscapes as well as manmade temples to tickle everyone’s fancy. This is how I normally pick my destinations, ones with both city life and nature. I like to think of it as a mix of open world mixed with linear gameplay from a gamer’s perspective. 

Bring Nerdy Things: I’m usually tempted to bring my whole closet, but I usually just pick a theme of my life’s zeitgeist and run with it. My trip to D.C. happened to be opening weekend for DEADPOOL. I also brought along some ACIII merch because again, inspiration. The key is to bring enough nerd gear that can run as a theme but isn’t cumbersome. Did Deadpool stand out? Heck yes, but it was just a mask, and dog tags that I can tuck, fold, and carry. For larger items, make sure it’s not the serious stuff. If you’re going to bring swords and shields, bring DIY versions that are lighter, more playful and make sure you pack them last so they’re more accessible in your luggage or carry-on when you land. That way, you can snap photos right when you hit your destination. 


Home Sweet BnB: Our default for any accommodations is AirBnB. We feel more at home, and some of our hosts have become friends. If you’re a nerd who likes community, this is the way to go. If you’re a nerd who likes comfort, this is the way to go. If you’re a nerd who likes to save money, this is definitely the way to go. Our Washington D.C. AirBnB, was one of our favorites because it had a private entrance, a private bathroom, and its own living room area. We pretty much explored the nation’s capital by day and then crashed at night to watch The Walking Dead marathon before the midseason premiere. It was the perfect hideaway. 


Still Dress Up: Just because I’m traveling, it doesn’t mean I’m throwing out my sense of fashion. D.C. was 9°-30° F during our adventure. Remember, jackets don’t cover the outfit; jackets are a part of the outfit. So I picked up some red and blue bombers for me and my wife to be patriotic and modern-day colonial. This allowed us to blend in with winter, the Capital, and even George Washington’s cronies. So yeah, when traveling check the weather, check the vibe of the area, and the places you’ll specficially want to visit. Maybe you’ll want to wear certain outfits or accessories for specific occasions, but the most important thing is to be thematic and practical at the same time. 

 Traveling as a nerd is super cool. It totally adds layers to any normal adventure, like “it’s cold in D.C.” layers. You can take so many photo ops that emulate the epic heroes we all value, and you can also live to tell the stories of why you stepped foot on new soil in the first place. But it’s the things that you bring there and the memories that take you back that compound into what make you an even more epic nerd conquering this life. And to think, after each trip, you Level Up once again.

What’s most important to you when you travel?

How does geek living fit in to your travel plans?

Sound off in the comments!