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How To Lumos Maxima Your Time At Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Universal Studios Hollywood

Alas, this nerd has been in a dry spell of writing.

Hey, speaking of spells, my wife and I met with some friends at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (WWHP) at Universal Studios this past weekend.One cool thing about WWHP is that there’s just enough to do so you don’t have to feel pressured about getting everything done and missing out on the rest of the park. Plus, being an annual pass holder, allows more chill time. Note, the annual pass for Universal is worth it now more than ever.

But back to HP and his piggy bank. I mean…Wizarding World.

There are only a couple of “main attractions” when it comes to rides, but that’s not what this place is about. In fact, that’s not what Universal is about. It’s about movie magic and making you feel like you’re in the movie itself.

That’s exactly what these geniuses do as soon as you walk in to WWHP.

So while everyone can talk and write about the pros and cons of each attraction, I want to share how I personally gain best experience of this new magical world.

  1. More Potter at Pottermore – Most devout HP fans know the backstory and ongoing lit for anything Potter goes on at This is where one would be “sorted” into a house at Hogwarts (Gryffindor, Slytherin (my house), Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw). It’s a simple personality test, but it seriously adds to the allure and magic when you’re experiencing WWHP. Prior to our arrival, my wife was sorted into Gryffindor, which totally had me rolling because I’m a Slytherin. It’s OK; we still love each other. The first thing we did at WWHP was get pins to rep our house pride. So yes, visit Pottermore, and get sorted before going to Universal and before you re-watch the HP movies.
  2. Cheers With Butter Beer – Butter beer is worth every minute in line and every penny spent. There’s really nothing out there like it. My attempt to describe its taste would only discount its actual worth. It’s good during any type of weather. When summer comes, the frozen butter beer will sell like crazy. When fall comes, hot butter beer makes its debut. If you’re among friends and don’t know which one to try, order both, and trade sips. Plus, if you want a real beer at WWHP, they sell that too. CHEERS!
  3. Mess With Cast Members – The staff/cast members at WWHP have an extensive knowledge of all things Potter. They also play the role with guests and are true to their house colors. My friend casted an “OBLIVIATE” memory spell on a cast member while they were giving directions, and the cast member “forgot” what they were doing. I pushed the limits by trolling one cast member to the point where he threatened to “remove me” from the park for constantly chanting the name of “he who must not be named” (VOLDEMORT). He then hissed at me for being a Slytherin. But yeah, interact with the cast members, test their knowledge, and find out their love for HP. This is why they were chosen!
  4. Potterheads Up – Visit WWHP with a Harry Potter fan, like a super Harry Potter fan. Potterheads enhance the details, the character impressions for each attraction, and all the significance for what would normally be considered “just decoration.” Also, they’ll be carrying around a wand or hopefully and interactive wand to do all that magic stuff in each window display, which is actually pretty cool (and hard af). But yes, go with a Potterhead, and if you are a Potterhead, be that light for those who don’t know what’s up.

My level of Potter knowledge doesn’t run crazy deep, but I do know enough how legit WWHP is. I’m also always excited to hang out with hardcore fans and see them geek out over this world where they can be themselves.

After all that’s what this blog, this ever-revelatory geek world is teaching me more every day: how cool it is to be yourself wherever you go.

Yes, we nerds have one more magical place to show just how cool it is to be a nerd.

For more info on Pottermore and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter:

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