Knowing Your Fandom- Part 2: I’m a Nerd But So Is Batman (Fandom #1)

I’m a nerd, but that’s ok.

Batman is a nerd too. 


It’s seriously his lifestyle, and lifestyle is one of the three L’s in what makes you a fan. I wrote about it here if you want to know the other two.

In an episode of Batman: The Animated Series (BTAS): Beware the Gray Ghost, it couldn’t be more evident. As a kid, little Bruce watched a superhero show called The Gray Ghost. If you watch the episode, you’ll not only notice the irony of The Gray Ghost being voiced by Adam West, but also Bruce dressing and mimicking the idolized masked vigilante, like down to the “T”. Also, adult Bruce Wayne has the Gray Ghost actor sign some of his merch at a local con. Fandom much? 

There’s this crazy parallel about what the Gray Ghost did for Batman and what Batman is doing for me and maybe you, and hopefully us.
So here’s what I’m learning from the Dark Knight’s nerd lifestyle. 

  1. Bravery – Look at that Bat Signal. Shoot. Every time that thing is expressed in the sky, Batman has to come through. That’s an inspirational light that can’t be overlooked. Every post to IG, Twitter and this blog; this is me braving the world and myself. I have to come through and express the nerd.   
  2. AltruismNerd Coolture is about expressing how cool it is to be a nerd. Yes, there are countless ways to do so with merch, fashion, travel, social media, etc. I hope those who feel timid or shy about expressing their geek side will not only become bold but also help others along the way in a Batman sorta way. Start simple. Read comic books in public, wear green and purple in one outfit (Sorry, GQ), name your pet Harley. Trust. This only spreads the culture.   
  3. Teamwork- The Gray Ghost may have only been a TV act, but for Bruce Wayne, it was a role model and eventually a teammate. Batman reached out though, and they worked together for the better. I’m learning that nerds flourish in community and collaboration, which is why I’m reaching out to the nerds I know and want to know even more. Here’s a great blog post by Being Geek Chic on the importance of “We” and mentors in the nerd community.    

Batman’s mark is everywhere in my life via comics, fashion inspiration (thank you, Joker), movies, and my collection of music and DVDs. 


Moreover, Bruce Wayne’s lifestyle of being a nerd and a fan of a superhero just adds levels now. And…AND! He’s following in the footsteps of his childhood hero. 

Now I’m doing the same. It’s well beyond the merch and media. It’s become my expression. 
It’s become my lifestyle.

How does your fandom inspire your lifestyle?

What does your lifestyle say about the things you’re a fan of? Does it help you influence others? Does it make you brave? Maybe it makes you shy?

I’d love to discuss this with you. Drop a comment or contact me!




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January 14, 2016