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Los Angeles Comic Con, New People & My Heart

This year’s Los Angeles Comic Con (LACC) was definitely something special. First, making waves with Hero Within as the first all men’s fashion professional geek apparel line—Super stellar. Walking the stage with my friends at the Le Geek So Chic fashion show– I’ll never forget it.

But my heart beats for those who experience a con for the first time. The joy of having conversations with new attendees and their experiences reinforced my purpose of why I love not only attending conventions but LACC specifically.

Welcome to LACC, new people!

These first-timers got to experience Los Angeles Comic Con this year, and I’m so happy I was there to see it:

  • Zach moved here from OKC just two weeks prior to LACC. He was baptized by fire when working like a pro in the Le Geek So Chic fashion show for Hero Within. He killed it. Zach wasn’t shy about talking to people about their awesome “cosplays,” a word I taught him versus “costumes.” He took it and ran with it.
    Fresh outta OKC–Zach was awesome at LACC
    Zach stunning the crowd in The Flash Hoodie
  • Louis, a hardcore DC Universe enthusiast has expressed to me for the past few years that he’s always wanted to go to a Comic Con. Finally, his first, and he makes his debut leading the Hero Within line at the Le Geek So Chic fashion show. Also, he attends a panel and mingles with cosplayers. We’re now planning some cosplay collabo for Wondercon.
    Louis—model, actor, nerd
    Louis leading the HW charge in the Batman Peacoat
  • My friend Adrian and his wife attended their first con after coming from vacation. They literally flew into LAX that morning and headed straight to the convention before going home. Now that’s love!
    Newlyweds, newly con attendees–Adrian and Lauren
  • Then there’s this guy, Joe. He stopped by the Hero Within booth, looked at The Flash Hoodie, tried it on, and stunned us with a hardcore Boston accent. When I asked him why he came out to LACC, he said he’s never been to a Comic Con. Joe not only flew out to L.A. alone, but expressed how glad he was enjoying his time at LACC. Also, he went home expecting a Flash Hoodie to arrive in just a few weeks.
    He came to LA from Boston just for the con–Joe

These first-timers remind me of my very first LACC, meeting my first cosplayers and being thrilled that the nerd universe is so much bigger than I could ever imagine. It’s hearing and experiencing these stories that energize me at the con and have me walking away smiling and pumped for the next one.

What excites you the most at conventions? Is it meeting people? Buying merch? Dressing in cosplay?
Share your excitement in the comments below.