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Men’s Geek Fashion: Kilt It

No. Absolutely not. I will not wear a skirt! Wait. It’s a kilt. Oh. 

I have no way of sugar coating this: I wear a kilt. 

Don’t worry, underwear and pants are involved too. And no, I’m not Scottish nor do I play pipes. 

But why? Why would someone even think about wearing a kilt?

Simply put: Fashionable risk. Dare to be different. 

Also, has no one ever noticed how easily Jared Leto has been pulling off this look? Super fresh. 

But you don’t have to be a rockstar to feel like one or dress like one. 

“Feel” is the important word here. Think about the last time you took a risk with your appearance. How many people did you involve before you took the plunge? A few? A lot? 

How many of those opinions mattered? I’m betting one or two plus your own feelings. 

  • Taking a fashionable risk is awkward at first. You’ll feel like everyone is looking at you. You’ll wonder what they’re thinking. Let’s face it, you’ll never know. Getting comfortable in a new look will just take time and confidence. Talk to someone with a valid opinion for affirmation on a new look. That helps too. 
  • Daring to dress different is a challenge. Start with little things like socks, wristwear, hats, neckwear, and shoes. If you add a kilt to the party, it looks like a plaid shirt wrapped around your waist, and it has pockets you can utilize in addition to your pants. This compliments any look whether trendy casual (Jared reference above) or street casual.  

A kilt is a bold statement piece but a common pattern that our eyes see every day with the plaid and all. It’s subtle yet empowering. The one I bought is from a UK brand Drop Dead

You may not be ready to try a kilt, but there are clothes that guys can wear just as well as girls: necklaces, jeans, rings, jackets, etc. Clothes and styles go both ways now. 
I’ll elaborate on another post. 

 For now think of something that’s a fashionable risk. Don’t dwell on it too long. Just be bold, work through the awkward transition and you’ll be comfortable soon, kilt or no kilt. 

But please, guys, wear pants and underwear. 

October 22, 2015