Men’s Geek Fashion: Missed Opportuni-Tee

A T-shirt is a flag, a declaration of a stance, a cause, a movement, or as we know in the nerd world, a sign of fandom. 

In the fashion world, a T-shirt is a canvas to print and garnish. From casual to formal, the t-shirt is not to be taken lightly. Necklaces, scarves, button-downs, blazers, these all interact with the basic tee. 

The graphic tees I have are mostly black contrasted by a heavy screen print, taking up only half of the front. 

I’m like “Use the rest of the shirt!

Most geek websites and stores that sell graphic tees show just the graphic portion plus an interchangeable shirt color. 

Why’s this the standard?

This is why I love shopping at Society6. They are an independent artist site, where the art is printed on almost anything you can think of from clothing tops, home decor, and gadget accessories.   

Now they feature “Print All-Over” shirts where the art piece takes up the whole shirt, breaking the typical graphic tee mold.  
 They also have thousands of artists, so the variety is super ripe. 
 It’s a little more pricey, but the quality is superb, and you’re supporting independent artists for. 

You can also get art printed in multiple mediums like throw pillows, phone cases, and area rugs.  

So as a geek guy with limited “favorite places to shop,” Society6 is definitely a go-to when I need accessories or layering tees, though they got long sleeve stuff too!

Still, a missed opportunity here. Imagine a guy wearing graphic tees down a runway, basically just shirt and jeans. It wouldn’t be the style being celebrated, but rather the art on the shirt. 

This is why men’s nerd style needs to be stepped up or at least the way it’s presented.  

 A store like Forever 21 sells fandom-filled clothes, but they know how to dress around them and market them. 

 Some of the newer styles of geek fashion are catching up to regular fashion, but it’s not all there yet.  

 It’s as simple as the way the shirts are cut, printed, and accessorized

There are some brands out there putting in the effort, but that’s for a future post. 

For now it’s good to know that while there are gaps to fill in the men’s geek fashion game, the concrete is being mixed. 


October 1, 2015