Men’s Geek Fashion: Wear It Wednesday

“Get with the #hashtag!” So I guess “Wear It Wednesday” is a thing. Ok. I’ll bite. 

And chew. 

Here’s a cheesy metaphor: as the season transitions, so should your wardrobe. This is the time to be super flexible. Like how we in L.A. had rain on Monday and were swimming again on Friday in 100° heat; that kind of flexible. 


What will help: A thin layering shirt either denim or flannel. 

Here’s what to look for:

  • Color – If it’s a denim shirt, shade matters. Dark for colder weather, light for warmer. Flannel: you can never go wrong with red. Also, both of these shirts can be layered over your favorite graphic tee.   
  • In Case of Emergency – Denim and flannel can also be thrown over your shoulder, wrapped around your waist, or rolled in a backpack as a just-in-case or a “It’ll probably get cold later” shirt.   
  • Keep it Casual – Don’t worry about it getting wrinkled, and roll the sleeves up when you have to get your hands dirty.   

Goodwill, thrift, and vintage shops are a good place to start when looking for the perfect layering shirt. Denim is my personal preference due to it not having so many patterns, but I’ve seen people rock plaid like they invented it. 

Again, use denim and flannel to layer and be flexible during transitional weather. They are thin enough to not burn you up yet keep you warm and styled when necessary. Also, they add effect to your graphic tee. 

I can’t stress enough how the graphic tee is just a part of an ensemble; you are that ensemble


But for now, layer up! (or down). 

October 14, 2015