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Nerd Holiday: Stay Cool, Warm Up

Christmas is tomorrow. Already. 

For me, this is a stressful time of year with what seems to be work piling on, bills to be paid, social life drama, and people getting hyper sensitive for better and worse. 

But all that is only magnified by the holidays. 

The holidays themselves aren’t a bad. Like any other tradition, it’s about how we react and choose to cope.

So here are three simple yet impactful ways to make the rest of holiday season nerdy and memorable:

  • Write Something: Everyone’s a writer, especially in the nerd world. We all have a voice and a cause. Write words down this holiday. It’s as simple as pen and paper addressed to yourself or a loved one. No one has to see it. Just make it count. There’s also many typewriter apps like Hanx Writer that give a nostalgic document look. Now let your nerd heart drip.   
  • Wear Something: Dress up, yes. Be a nerd, yes. Keep it simple. Go with a color theme or piece that inspires. While listening to The Last of Us LP this week, I was in awe of the winter-y colors of Mondo’s album art. This is what inspired my Christmas Eve outfit. It doesn’t have to be a full bound, cosplay or billboard. Say no one notices. Still, my heart is merry and bright. For more specific everyday holiday cosplay, check out The Nerdy Girly for great tips.   
  • Start Something: Things with my family’s Christmas Eve tradition got messed up. In redemption mode, I’m asking my parents to watch Star Wars: Episode VII tonight in lieu of our normal tradition. They are open to it, and that’s a win. This is all new to them and may be a new tradition to our family.   

So while there’s two more days of holiday air left, my hope is that we all make the most of the time in reflection, expression, and tradition whether it be new risky traditions or much needed older rituals that keep us grounded in spite of these busy times. 

Stay cool as you warm up. 

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays, nerds. 

What are your holiday traditions? What new traditions have you started lately? Do you enjoy dressing up for holidays?