Con Life

Post-Comic Con Blues: Out of the Fog One Step at a Time

The proper order of things is often a mystery to me. You, too? – Cheshire Cat

It’s hump day, and I’m reminded of people getting over their post-Comic Con blues. My friends and I call it the “con fog” as if we walk in a haze of a sub-reality trying to get a grasp on our day-to-day. 

It’s not easy walking out of con fog, but I’ve learned that small steps help me deal with being separated from my fellow nerds and our Valhalla. 

Turn Down the Noise – Comic Con is an onslaught on all five senses to the point where our souls are breached. Turning down the noise means I’m driving in silence, working in silence, and jus doing more daily activity with less media coming in so my brain and filter out. This allows me to sift through my thoughts in a more orderly fashion and focus on what was best about the Comic Con. 

Pic and Post – Sorting through pics after a con not only helps declutter my phone but also allows me to pinpoint the best moments. This also gives me time to find the right words for how I was feeling and how I’m currently feeling about what transpired. 

Just Write – Social media, a journal, or a text memo (where I’m currently writing this) all help me diffuse memorable events. Writing allows me to take time for my brain to formulate a concrete thought. By doing this, I can easily say that “2016 was my best San Diego Comic Con yet.” A realization that has come just by writing. 

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop – As amazing as Comic Con 2016 was, I can’t help but want to level up my nerdiness. The trophies I gathered are great to marvel but not to relish. Getting rest and gearing up for the next con, travel adventure is what keeps my feet moving out of the con fog. “What’s next?”

There’s so much material out there about pre-SDCC ritual and SDCC traditions that people do to take it all in. What traditions or methods do other nerds share about dealing with post-SDCC Blues and con fog? I’m curious to know. 
How do you generally feel after a con? Energized? Exhausted? How do you cope with the transition back into the “normal” life? Drop a comment! The nerd community would love to know!