Hi. I’m Marlon, a nerd, but my friends tell me I’m a cool enthusiast of pop culture, comic books, Comic Con, and fashion. So here I am engaging. Currently, I’m finishing my run as co-host of The TOTL Podcast and The Frakking Deadcast; all while maintaining a full-time sales position in the medical field. On this blog, I share what excites me about the nerd life. This page will give you a brief idea on what to expect.


But first, a little about me:Marloneuspic

I believe we all have a cool way of sharing our nerdiness.

I’ve been reading comic books, watching super-hero movies cartoons since I was a child, but it was not as “cool” as it is today. However, even today, Comic Con attendees and graphic t-shirt patrons may not be confident in sharing their affinities at work, church, and other social circles. So I started this blog with some questions in mind:

  • Where are nerds truly empowered (Where is their “green lantern?”)?
  • How can personal style add confidence and boldness (We all love Gambit for a reason!)?
  • What is the nerd/geek life really revealing about us (Think Jean Grey + Phoenix. There has to be more!)?

What I’m finding in my research and community are many who have had similar thoughts but didn’t realize it.

Here is where we recharge our rings, deal cards, and dig beneath the surface to make the nerd life go POW! personally and for the sake of our fellow geek community.

If you have a passion for expressing your inner nerd with confidence to the world, this is the place for you.

I will try to publish articles two to three times a week, but I am more active on social media which can be found at the header of the homepage. I am always here to help out my nerd corps!