Con Life

SDCC: Making Your TL Friends Your Friends IRL

It’s not only possible at San Diego Comic Con to make your TL friends your friends IRL but pretty much necessary. I’ve met so many cool nerds because of this convention. 

The friendships usually started online; then a meetup happened at the con or after because of nerdy life interests. 
It’s fun and exhilarating, but it does take effort and risk. 

I’ve found sending a tweet or IG comment to pre-establish an encounter may be enough for real life chat. 

Sometimes an email or DM letting someone know your goals and whereabouts at the con work too. I’ve done this with enthusiasm only for it to be equally reciprocated. 

Some of the biggest regrets I’ve had at cons is not reaching out to people whether it’s celebs, bloggers, or peers when they’re standing right in front of me. 
How do I normally do it? Well there’s several tactics but they normally come with anxiety and adrenaline. 

  • Speak with confidence – Know who you are and what you’re about. 
  • Don’t throw up – If there are two or more peeps, volley back and forth a dialogue. Silent moments are OK too. 
  • They are special – Make the convo more about them than yourself. 
  • It won’t last forever– If they walk away or take a call, it’s OK. Interaction has been made. You did it. 

Some of the best ways to get to know your fellow nerds is to be as intentional as they are at SDCC. For example, showing up to Game of Bloggers on Preview Night. This is an effort for collaboration and partnership. Also, it’s good to put faces and voices to avatars. 

If you can’t make GoB, try other off-sites and after parties. 
But turning friends on your TL into friends IRL is def something you don’t want to miss at SDCC. 

Whom have you met at a con and is now a friend of yours? How would you say is the best way to approach someone at Comic Con? Leave a comment below!